Purfurvid Cattery

GC RW in Europe Region!

GC RW Purfurvid Derringer of Unistar

New Regional Winner!! Natalia Tokareva showed GC RW Purfurvid Derringer of Unistar (“Barney”) in the 2012-2013 CFA Championship Class. He is 4th Best Exotic in CFA and 8th Best Cat in the Europe Region! Way to go Natalia and Barney!!! “Barney” is the younger full brother of GC NW Purfurvid Tommy Gun of Toxicate , and also full brother to GC Purfurvid Bang Bang of Calysta and GC Purfurvid Revolver of 7 Round Baby. Their parents are GC Purfurvid Pistol, DM and Perfikatz Sweetstuff of Purfurvid, DM.