Purfurvid Cattery

GC NW Purfurvid Tommy Gun of Toxicate, DM


Blue Spotted Tabby & White 
Exotic Male


Tommy hadn’t been to a show at all until he was ten months old. I kept looking at him thinking I better take him out and see about getting him granded. At that first show, our Regional Awards show on June 12, 2010, as an Open, to my surprise he made four finals… 4th Best, 3rd Best, 2nd Best and Best Cat!
Thank you so much to those judges that finaled him and all the wonderful friends for their congratulations and encouragement! That weekend I somewhat relunctantly handed Tommy over to my friend Tracey Dalton of Toxicate Cattery who was literally jumping up and down and pleading for me to let her show him. LOL!!
The following weekend Tracey took Tommy to Ohio where he recieved 149 grand points. Then she took him to The Desert Cats show in Phoenix where he received 290 grand points from that show alone! After his first three shows he had already accumulated 598 Regional/National points. Tracey continued to show Tommy throughout the rest of the CFA 2010-2011 Show Season and Tommy became CFA’s 16th Best Cat Nationally2nd Best Exotic Nationally and CFA Southwest Region’s Best Cat!! A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU to Tracey for this wonderful achievement!! Without her running him all over the US, it wouldn’t have been possible and I’m truely grateful!! Tommy is the half brother to GC RW Purfurvid Pop Gun of Toxicate and full brother to GC RW Purfurvid Derringer of Unistar. All sired by GC Purfurvid Pistol, DM. A special thank you to Kim Hanson of Perfikatz Cattery for entrusting Tommy’s mother, Perfikatz Sweetstuff of Purfurvid, DM, to me which made Tommy possible!!

Tommy is the sire of:
GC RW Toxicate Reely O’Riley
GC Purfurvid Flirtation
GC Toxicate Shrimp Boat
GC Toxicate Total Eclipse
GP Toxicate Black Ops
GC Toxicate Twinkle Toes (of Long Lasting)
CH Toxicate Dream Star of Catneed, DM
GC DW Purfurvid The Rock of ILoveCat
GC Purfurvid Blue Dream of Catneed
CH RW Toxicate Nat Win Cho, DM